Our Story

Our Story

Pre – Indepence

As Kenya’s civilization was taking root, some well-polished Settlers begun to take over perceived Kenya’s “Red/Black Gold”.

A young enthusiast Mr. Hill and His wife martha, found the hilly side above the Nairobi market center where other similar like minded settlers were moving in for a big piece of the pie. As a colonial chief, he had much power and selected what seemingly was very prime and called his newly acquired land of 1,000 acres and built his headquarters and living palatial home in the middle and called it ‘Updown’ its because you could only go up or come down from the headquarters.

The main crop here was Tea, with very good climate for it. The British chief Mr. Hill was a Tough man and built several workers homes around the farm, he also built a dam that still serves the agricultural farms to date. He loved the view he had from his bedroom and more noticeable was the Ngong Hills Beautiful landscape.

Located in the area which as Agriculturalists named it after the red soil “Red Hill” was a buzz of activity including the car races, up-down was a meeting point for workers and neighbors alike.

Getaway package

Perfect for Blue sky sessions - out of office retreat combined with stay, work & play



A Hospitality Brand that provides the essentials towards enhancing mind, soul & body wellness resulting in creativity. We invite  visitors to easily and in a relaxed way harness their full potential.


Zereniti today has become where Zen togetherness of body and mind meets serenity and creativity.



The ever busy Limuru road full of breathtaking green scenery cascades up the hill welcoming you to a cool and refreshing environment; an ever green place that has homes and facilities that are also green fenced. This exclusive once upon a time colonialists dominated area hosts Zereniti House which is poised in elegance ready to receive guests. Providing a rare quiet setting.a hideaway that fuels imagination


Zereniti House provides a boutique guest house, built in colonial times and renovated to provide the modern day amenities that any visitor from around the world would expect and with touches which make it distinctly homely. It features well-appointed interiors, including 7 suites and a guest lounge. Its outdoor restaurant and conference room are surrounded by manicured gardens which give way to mature forest trees.

Retreat - engage -Rejuvenate

UNIQUE Experiences

The once a time colonial house sits on 5 acres of land and guarantees absolute privacy, relaxation and a refreshing experience. We pride in hosting professionals who need a getaway to plan, brainstorm or get some work done yet in a comfortable and easy environment. We have 3 delicately manicured gardens which are a perfect fit for corporate, family and private events; luncheons, dinners, product/brand launches, parties, weddings, retreats, team buildings and picnics

Our Tradition

Our Hospitality


Our fulfillment comes from serving guests healthy yet delightful delicacies and seeing guests bond in a relaxing and natural environment. Our aim is to promote people’s emotional, physical, mental and health wellness. 

This is in line with one of our product, “Digital Detoxing”. We want to see guests have real conversations over a meal and drinks away from phones or television which is the case in this digital era.


Stay & Dine

A stay & dining experience created for intimate moments, complemented by home freshly cooked - in-season inspired meals. A perfect getway.

Conference & Events

We are convenient to access and offer a private exclusive conference setting that inspires delegates and facilitators to truly feel at ease, with the perfect ambiance that is ideal for learning, sharing ideas and fruitful dialogue.

Destination Weddings

The sweetness of love fills the atmosphere at Zereniti House; Suites for a memorable honeymoon as well as for your guests & Honeymoon & manicured garden, making the celebration all the more memorable. Perfect location for a getaway wedding.

A place to Refresh! Where Zen Meets Serenity


Through the years we have made some great neighborhood friends and the numbers keep growing with new townhouses and suburb estates springing up and rightly so, anyone who comes by falls in love with the area. We are located minutes from shopping areas


We have a team of staff from the neighborhood, we get fresh farm produce from our farm and also from our neighbors. There lots of attractions just nearby, shopping malls, agricultural farms to tour, and the famous Art Gallery is right next door.

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