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Team Spirit

Team Building

If you are looking for somewhere where your team can be at ease, inspire imagination and creativity then Zereniti House is your  perfect fit.  Engender employee team spirit in our beautiful surrounding, landscaped manicured gardens, ample guest facilities including showers to refresh after a fun day, or simply make it a weekend getaway, and improve more on team communication and unity. 


Team-building events are an essential part of a company’s overall health. Taking care to entertain, educate and strengthen relationships within your organization has a lot of benefit.

From elevated performance  to facilitating personal growth, a weekend away, may be just what you need, have schedule for fun games, training sessions and moments for feedback from how someone felt on their first day to what should be our 10 year plan.

Outdoor Meeting

Leisure meetings are a favourite preference with the surrounding natural relaxing and beautiful setting, facilitators enjoy the ease in every person

Group Discussions

Enjoy a beautiful ambiance. We have lots of garden spaces to set your ideal team building session and have a memorable time.

Break out

Corporate events, leadership events, business events can be that much refreshing and exhilarating at the right location & friendly environment.


Welcome to a scenic retreat for lovers of nature & tranquility

Corporate Getaways

Engender team spirit in a scenic & exclusive location

Corporate getaway

Perfect for Blue sky sessions - out of office retreat combined with stay, work & play

Stay in

At Zereniti House each room has its own personality, adorned with elegant rustique décor, spacious, simply designed for pleasure, with handpicked furnishings & guest amenities that are seamless for an inspiring stay.





Corporate getaway

Perfect for Blue sky sessions - out of office retreat combined with stay, work & play

Digital Detox Weekend

reconnect - refresh - revive

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