The Traditional way……in every way.

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Family Getaway

Stay 3 nights & enjoy a discount


2 Nights New Year Family Stay package

Where Zen Meets Serenity


Exclusive & Serene


A modern setting of remarkable warmth; at Zereniti House you will experience a fascinating atmosphere that is immersed in lush greenery. 

The rare quiet environment in beautiful surroundings, brings out  an ideal hideaway that fuels imagination complemented by exceptional homely service 

Harness Tranquility

You can relax while at home or at your desk, however it worth planning relaxation and relax consciously.  It will be the refreshing you need that will last you longer than usual. 


"A transformative retreat giving you a full physical and emotional overhaul".

Digital Detox Weekend

reconnect - refresh - revive

Time for Change

A day or two without a screen

Unwind and refresh the traditional way, reconnect, recharge, and have meaningful conversations while traveling with friends, colleagues and family.



Family & Professionals
fun day

Get to play and bond better in a feel free environment


At Zereniti House each room has its own personality, adorned with elegant rustique décor, spacious, simply designed for pleasure, with handpicked furnishings & guest amenities that are seamless for an inspiring stay.

Zeereniti House Stay 3

"A perfect hideaway for creatives".

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